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Paving the Road Towards a Better Future

India, like several third world countries deals with severe poverty. I learned this first hand during my visit there and spending time with Mahi, a young girl that changed my view on life. Many times, girls in India are, to this day, seen as a burden - on their parents, on their families, and unfortunately even on society. This MUST change !! The problem for young girls is even bigger in Indian orphanages, especially those with children that have disabilities. The adoption rates, education levels and graduation rates with basic elementary education is much lower for girls when compared to boys. We intend to make a small but meaningful difference in the lives of these young children by giving them hope and opportunities for a better education and life. We plan on sponsoring a scholarship that will support the elementary and/or middle school education for one young girl per year.

Upon researching further, this problem is also prevalent locally, in North Carolina, among immigrant and refugee communities. Although it may be less severe, it happens, and we plan to make a difference by involving the local refugee center and elementary schools.


Project Asha

P O box 17206, Chapel Hill, NC 27516. USA

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Project Asha
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