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Started Project Asha as a Sophomore at Chapel Hill High School in North Carolina. After a visit to India that opened her eyes to the marked disparities seen in gender-based educational opportunities available, she decided to try and make a difference. Her personal experience in India as an young girl and an idea that started as an informal discussion with her parents grew in to ‘Project Asha’. She thereafter recruited friends and family members to join her effort to raise money and generate resources to support the goals of Project Asha. The money generated goes to charities that aid young girls facing challenging circumstances locally and to sponsor orphaned girls yearly at a sister organization - an orphanage in Hyderabad, India that helps disabled young girls who have been ostracized by their families - similar to the experience that originally sparked Aarya’s desire to take action.


Chelsey is a graduate of Chapel Hill High School and is a mentor to Aarya. She also helped Aarya initiate the online presence for Project Asha. An avid soccer player, cat-lover, and proponent of other young women, she played collegiate soccer at a Division I school in North Carolina for all four years, and recently graduated with a degree in communications and journalism.


Hannah is a graduate of Concordia College with a Masters degree from the prestigious Peabody School of Music. She has a deep-seated passion for helping young women succeed and specifically inclined towards causes that stoke the gender inequality conversation. Hannah, along with with Aarya and Chelsey, has been instrumental in developing the website and tending to the operational aspects of the organization.


Harsharan “Harry” Sarpal is an invaluable team member with extensive experience in accounting and tax laws. He guides Aarya in the book keeping process and processes involved in making Project Asha a non-profit organization.


Project Asha

P O box 17206, Chapel Hill, NC 27516. USA

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Please send checks payable to:
Project Asha
P.O. Box 17206
Chapel Hill, NC 27516, USA



Donate via PayPal - @projectashaaryapotti

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